2006 Yakima Basin Aquatic Science and Management Conference Abstracts

Bosch, Bill. Efficacy of Kelt Reconditioning

Davis, Melinda. Yakima River Fall Chinook Supplementation 2005-06

Fritts, Anthony L., Jennifer L. Scott, and Todd N. Pearsons. The Effects of Domestication on the Relative Vulnerability of Hatchery and Wild Spring Chinook Salmon to Predation

Hammond, Ken. Alternatives to the Proposed Black Rock Reservoir

Hawkins, Denise and Jennifer Von Bargen. Microsatellite Analysis of Yakima Basin Bull Trout

Hudson, Dennis R. Storage Dam Fish Passage Feasibility Study

Johnson, Christopher L. Todd N. Pearsons, Brenda B. James, and Gabriel M. Temple. Precocious Salmon on the Spawning Grounds

Kassler, Todd W. DNA-Based Parentage Assignments of Chinook Salmon from the Cle Elum Spawning Channel in 2006

Kassler, Todd W. DNA-Based Stock-of-Origin Assignments of Chinook Salmon Smolts Outmigrating Past Chandler Trap (Yakima River) in 2005

Mizell, Michael. Yakima Basin Bull Trout Study

Newsome, Todd. Yakima River Coho Re-Introduction Feasibility Study

Pearsons, Todd, et al. Intra- and Inter-specific Competition Affects to Growth and Survival of Spring Chinook Salmon

Pelly, Lisa. Washington Rivers Conservancy

Schroder, Steve. A Comparison of Reproductive Success In Naturally Spawning Wild- and Hatchery-Origin Male Spring Chinook

Scott, Jennifer L., Todd N. Pearsons, and Anthony L. Fritts. Competitive Dominance of Juvenile Spring Chinook Salmon Among Hatchery, Supplementation, and Wild Populations

Temple, Gabriel M. (presenter), et al. Non-target Taxa Monitoring