Literature Review


Steelhead Workshop Outline





Steve Cramer


Habitat quality and size

   - Congruence with observations

   - Utility in management and planning


Bruce Watson/ Chris Frederiksen


Potential egg deposition

   - Congruence with observations

   - Utility in management and planning



Incidence of sympatric rainbow and steelhead populations


Paul Moran


Hatchery and wild steelhead Reproductive success in Little Sheep Creek, NE Oregon.


Shawn Narum


Genetic divergence of sympatric resident and anadromous forms of O. mykiss in the Walla Walla River, USA.


Rich Carmichael


Life History Strategies of O. mykiss in the Grande Ronde Basin: Evidence for anadromous-resident linkage.


Anne Marshall


Genetic Relationships among anadromous and non-anadromous O. mykiss in Cedar River and Lake Washington- implications for steelhead recovery planning



Smolting vs residualism


Larry Lestelle


Critical growth windows


Cameron Sharpe


Residualism & residency in O.mykiss

Authors: C. Sharpe, P. Hulett, B. Beckman, D. Rawding




Yakima Subbasin Radio Telemetry

Cathy Karp, Mark Johnston

Upper Yakima Steelhead radio telemetry tracking

Bruce Watson

Big Creek/Lemhi Studies