Residualism: The paradox of steelhead recovery

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Residualism: The paradox of steelhead recovery


Snake River Basin genetic monitoring study area

Little Sheep Creek steelhead

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Steelhead returning to Little Sheep Creek

Mendelian inheritance

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Resident O. mykiss

Reproductive success by origin

Reproductive success by cross

Distribution of matings among sites

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Little Sheep steelhead results

Next Steps

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NE Oregon steelhead population genetics—LSRCP study

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Genetic relationships among NE Oregon steelhead populations

LSRCP steelhead genetics project

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Parr versus adult sample

Study 2: Copper River Steelhead/RBT

Wallowa Hatchery and the Deschutes R.

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Only 3 other non-significant pairwise comparisons

Genetic diversity compared to inbreeding levels

O. mykiss take-home message (for the time being)

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Reproductive Contribution by Rearing Class and Sex

Juveniles Resulting from Various Mating Classes

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Author: Paul Moran

Further information:
NW Fisheries Science Center

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