Report your Floy Tag Here

You can help us monitor steelhead and salmon populations in the Klickitat River by providing some simple information about tagged fish that you caught. This information helps assess run sizes, survival, stray rates, and migration and holding patterns.

Floy tags are small spaghetti-like tags placed into adult salmon and steelhead near their dorsal fin or upper back. If the tag says “Klickitat,” the fish was tagged at the Lyle Falls adult fish trap on the lower Klickitat River. Each tag has a unique number on it. Please remember, if you are not harvesting the fish and plan on releasing it, do not remove the fish from the water, and do not attempt to remove or read the tags. Please provide tag numbers only for those fish you have legally harvested.

Some fish have one floy tag (such as the one shown above) and some fish have two tags, with one on either side of the dorsal fin. If the fish had two tags, please provide both tag numbers. If you have more than one floy-tagged fish, please submit information for each fish separately.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

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