Yakima Basin Science & Management Conference
June 16th-17th, 2010 @ CWU's Science Bldg. Rm. 147

Sponsored by: Central Washington University, Bonneville Power Administration, Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Project, Bureau of Reclamation, and Yakima Basin Fish & Wildlife Recovery Board

Wednesday June 16, 2010
8:00 Registration Overview & Keynote
8:30 Welcome to the Yakima Basin Science & Management Conference
8:45 Dave Fast- YN Fisheries Overview of Fisheries Activities in the Yakima Basin
9:00 Alex Conley- YBFWRB Overview of Habitat Activities in the Yakima Basin
9:30 Eric Quaempts- CTUIR Natural Resource Management from a tribal 'first foods' perspective 
10:30 Break

Yakima River Basin Study

YRBWEP III What's in it for fish?


11:45 Lunch
1:00 Joel Freudenthal- Yakima Co. Nile Slide Spring Chinook
1:20 Andy Dittman- NOAA Fisheries Spatial and temporal interactions of hatchery and natural origin upper Yakima River spring Chinook spawners
1:40 Jeremy Cram- UW Salmon spawning site selection relative to habitat conditions near acclimation facilities
2:00 Ryan Klett- UW Longitudinal patterns of fine sediment infiltration and implications for Chinook egg-to-fry survival
2:20 Chris Johnson- WDFW Precocious Male/Egg Box
2:40 Curt Knudsen- Oncorh Consulting Effects of Domestication on Hatchery & Wild Yakima Spring Chinook Phenotypic & Demographic Traits: What Have We Observed So Far?
3:00 Break
3:20 Steve Schroder- WDFW The reproductive behavior and breeding success of hatchery and wild spring Chinook salmon spawning in an artificial stream Spring Chinook
3:40 Todd Kassler- WDFW Spring Chinook Pedigree
4:00 Don Larsen- NOAA Fisheries Are we seeing domestication selection associated with precocious male maturation in Yakima spring Chinook salmon?
4:20 William Meyer- WDFW Beaver ReIntroduction
4:40 Joel Freudenthal- Yakima Co. Wapato Reach/Yakima County FCZD

Thursday June 17, 2010
8:30 Scott Nicolai- YN Fisheries Taneum Habitat Restoration Projects Summer/Fall Chinook & Coho
9:00 Pat Monk- USFWS Taneum PIT Tag Array
9:20 Melinda Davis- YN Fisheries Summer/Fall Chinook Program
9:40 Todd Newsome- YN Fisheries Coho Program
10:00 Break
10:20 Anthony Fritts- WDFW Coho salmon/rainbow trout interactions in Taneum Creek Ecological Interactions & Steelhead
10:40 Gabe Temple- WDFW Risk Management Monitoring of Non-Target Fish Taxa
11:00 Mike Porter- YN Fisheries Bird & Fish Predation
11:20 Chris Frederickson- YN Fisheries Gabe Temple- WDFW

Yakima Basin Steelhead VSP

Yakima River Steelhead Status and Trends RM&E Project Overview

12:00 Lunch
1:00 Tim Resseguie- YN Fisheries Expanded Toppenish Steelhead Ecological Interactions & Steelhead
1:20 Dave Myra Yakima Tributary Access & Habitat Program
1:40 Carol Ready Reecer Creek Floodplain Restoration
2:00 Scott Blankenship- WDFW Genetic structure and adaptation of Columbia River Basin steelhead and rainbow trout
2:20 Break
2:40 Bill Bosch- YN Fisheries Kelt Reconditioning
3:00 Brian Saluskin-YN Fisheries Cle Elum Passage
3:20 David Gerth- KCT Lower Cle Elum Engineered Log Jam Project

List of Affiliates:
YN= Yakama Nation CTUIR= Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation

KCT= Kittitas Conservation Trust USFWS= United States Fish & Wildlife Service

UW= University of Washington YBFWRB= Yakima Basin Fish & Wildlife Recovery Board

YKFP= Yakima/Klickitat Fisheries Project NOAA= National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association

Yakima Co.= Yakima County MCRFEG= Mid Columbia Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group

Oncorh Consulting WDFW= Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife