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Northern Pike Minnow Predation and Movement

Project Objectives

Consumption data

Removal of stomach for analysis

Removal and storage of stomach contents.

Analysis of contents via stained hard structures

Identification to species

2004 Stomach Contents

2005 Juvenile Passage Data

Catch Per Unit Effort: Developing an Index of Relative Abundance

Why use an index?

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What factors can effect CPUE?

Environmental and Biological Factors include:

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River Flow Above Parker dam (Sunnyside dam), taken near Umtanum

River Flow below Parker dam

Comparison of current water year with previous and average water years at Parker.

CPUE Total for March 25th - May 24th 2004

Catch per Unit Effort for March – June 1, 2005

High water Period Below Dam 2004

Low Water Period Below Dam due to water withdrawal 2004

Tracking Movement

Tag methodology: External attachment of tag on left side of dorsal fin

Tag is anchored on right side of fish with a plastic saddle

The end result- tag lies on the side of the dorsal resulting in minimal damage to the fish

Tracking of radio tags

Locations of tags 79-89

Locations of tagged fish

Movement: more questions created than answered….