2005 Program Annual Review Abstracts

Berger, Michael. Summary of Northern Pike Minnow Predation Study in the Yakima River.

Clark, Kelly. Yakima Side Channels Project Summary

Davis, Melinda J. 2004-05 Yakima River Fall Chinook Redd Surveys and Juvenile Migration Survival

Hudson, R Dennis. Storage Dam Fish Passage Feasibility Study

Johnson, Christopher L., et al. Precocious Salmon on the Spawning Grounds

Knudsen, Curtis M, et al. A Comparison of Life-History Traits in First-Generation Hatchery and Wild origin Upper Yakima River Spring Chinook Salmon

Knudsen, Curtis M, et al. Life-history and Genetic Traits of Wild Origin Yakima River Spring Chinook Salmon Populations

Newsome, Todd. Yakima River Coho Re-Introduction Feasibility Study

Newsome, Todd. Yakima River Kelt Re-conditioning Project Radio Tracking

Pearsons, Todd N., et al. Spring Chinook Interactions Indices

Pearsons, Todd N., and Craig A. Busack. Assessing and reducing ecological risks of hatchery operations in freshwater using the PCD RISK 1 model

Pearsons, Todd N., Anthony L. Fritts, and Jennifer L. Scott. Effects of Domestication on Competitive Dominance

Porter, Marc, et al. A Multi-Scale Evaluation of Screened Diversions in the Yakima Subbasin

Schroder, Steve, et al. Comparing The Reproductive Success Of Yakima River Hatchery- And Wild-Origin Spring Chinook

Temple, Gabriel M., et al. Non-Target Taxa Monitoring

Thomas, Jeff. North Fork Tieton River Fish Surveys