2004 Program Annual Review Abstracts

Anderson, Eric and Michael Mizell. Yakima Basin Bull Trout Radio Telemetry Study

Beckman, Brian and Don Larsen. Precocialism of salmonids in the Columbia Basin

Blanton, P., L. Swan, A. Gabriel, and M. Uebelacker. Developing historical analogs of riparian habitat conditions for the Yakima River Ecosystem Diagnosis and treatment (EDT) Model

Brunson, Ray, J. Chris Patterson, Joy Evered, Sonia Mumford, Joan Thomas. Fish Health of Wild and Hatchery Smolts Observed in the Yakima River

Busack, Craig, Germaine Hart, Curt Knudsen. Initial Morphological Comparison of Adult Upper Yakima and Naches Spring Chinook

Busack, Craig, Steve Schroder, Todd Pearsons, Curt Knudsen. Monitoring Domestication in the YKFP Spring Chinook Program

Busack, Craig. Recent Developments in Genetic Risk Analysis

Clark, Kelly. Yakima River Floodplain Mining Impact Study

Cummins, Jim. 2004 Steelhead Spawning Surveys, Naches River System Tributaries

Davis, Melinda J. 2003-04 Yakima River Fall Chinook Redd Surveys and Juvenile Migration Survival Melinda J.

Dittman, Andrew, Donald Larsen, Mary Moser, Linda Rhodes, and Darran May.

Fast, David, Joe Blodgett, Bill Bosch, Ray Brunson, Craig Busack, Andy Dittman, Joel Hubble, Mark Johnston, Curt Knudsen, Don Larsen, Steve Schroder, Todd Pearsons, Doug Neeley, Bruce Watson. Overview of Fisheries Research in the Yakima Fisheries Project

Fast, David, Charles Strom, Mark Johnston, David Lind, Curt Knudsen, Doug Neeley, Bill Bosch. Outmigration Survival of Supplemented and Wild Spring Chinook Smolts

Fritts, Anthony L.(presenter), Jennifer L. Scott, and Todd N. Pearsons. Effects of Domestication on Predation Vulnerability

Hiebert, Steve. Assessment of Infrared Fish Counting System

Hiebert, Steve. Entrainment of Fish From Rimrock Reservoir

Hudson, R Dennis. Yakima Dams Fish Passage Assessment

Johnson, Christopher L.(presenter), Todd N. Pearsons, Brenda B. James, and Gabriel M. Temple. Precocial Salmon on the Spawning Grounds

Johnston, Mark, David Fast, Charles Strom, David Lind, Curt Knudsen, Doug Neeley, Bill Bosch. Survival of Supplemented and Wild Spring Chinook Adults returning to the Yakima Basin.

Karp, Cathy, Mark Johnston, Travis Dick, and Walt Larrick. Summary of Steelhead Kelt Movements, Yakima River, 2002-04

Kline, Scott. The Effects of a reduction in surface water discharge on the hyporheic environment and Chinook salmon embryos

Kline, Scott. The influence of offspring advantages on chinook salmon (Onchorhynchus tshawytscha) redd site selection

Knudsen, Kurt, et al. Comparison of Upper Yakima Hatchery- and Wild- Origin Spring Chinook Demographics

Knudsen, Kurt, et al. Comparison of Wild- and Hatchery-Origin Upper Yakima River Spring Chinook Redds

Larsen, Don, Brian Beckman, Paul Parkins, Kathy Cooper, and Walt Dickhoff. Physiology and precocialism of hatchery and wild Yakima Spring Chinook.

Mason, Michael R. Yakima Subbasin Planning

Mobrand Biometrics, Application of the EDT Model for Coho Supplementation

Newsome, Todd, 2002 - 2004 Reconditioned Kelt Radio Tracking

Newsome, Todd, 2003 Juvenile Coho Migration and Radio Tracking Study

Newsome, Todd, Introduction to the Coho Master Plan

Pearsons, Todd N.(Presenter), Christopher L. Johnson, and Timothy D. Webster. Do Salmon Carcass Analogs Mimic Food Pathways Provided by Salmon Carcasses?

Pearsons, Todd N.(presenter), Anthony L. Fritts, and Jennifer L. Scott. Effects of Domestication on Competitive Dominance

Pearsons, Todd N.(presenter), Christopher L. Johnson, Brenda B. James, and Gabriel M. Temple. Spring Chinook Interactions Indicies

Jason Rau. Predator avoidance training hatchery spring Chinook juveniles using Mergansers (Lophodytes cucullatus & Mergus serrator) as training agents.

Ready, Carol A. The Yakima Tributary Access and Habitat Program

Reiss, K. Yuki. Genetic variability within bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) populations in the Yakima River Basin

Schroder Steve, et al., Factors affecting the reproductive success (RS) of naturally spawning male spring chinook salmon

Stephenson, Ann E. The Monitoring and Evaluation of Avian Predation on Juvenile Salmonids on the Yakima River, Washington, Annual Report 2003

Temple, Gabriel M. (presenter), Todd N. Pearsons, Christopher L. Johnson, Timothy D. Webster, and Natalia H. Pitts. Non-target Taxa Monitoring

Thomas, Jeff. Waptus River Bull Trout Surveys

Uebelacker, Morris. Archaeological property 45-KT-1368